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Jesuit Education

We are proudly a Catholic, Jesuit school that educates and uplifts students of all faith traditions. Jesuit education is, has been, and always will be focused on educating the whole person: mind, spirit, and body. 

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CRJS is one of more than 60 Jesuit high schools in the United States.

We are part of a more than 475-year tradition of Jesuit education that began in 1548 with the founding of the Jesuit college at Messina, Sicily, a tradition that now encompasses thousands of schools - middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities, as well as Cristo Rey, Nativity, and Fey y Alegría schools serving low-income students across the globe.

At CRJS, we accomplish this through cura personalis (personalized care and concern for the individual) and through a holistic curriculum that emphasizes not only academic success, but also a social and moral awareness. We engage students, faculty, and staff to uphold Ignatian values, foster self discovery, and ultimately create people for others.

As a Jesuit school, we seek to:

  • develop students as life-long learners

  • graduate students who possess the desire to be people for others. 

  • graduate students who are open to growth, spiritually alive, intellectually engaged, career ready, and committed to justice.

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