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Paul Hogan
CRJS President

Welcome to Cristo Rey Jesuit Seattle High School!

How exciting it is to launch our new high school with the support of so many local leaders and community members. The young people of south Seattle deserve an accessible, Catholic, college-preparatory school. We will provide a top-notch academic experience, coupled with four years of professional work experience, enabling our students to flourish as scholars and citizens.

Our team is eager to work with you to introduce a new generation of students to the 475-year Jesuit tradition of excellence in education. We intend to create a vibrant, thriving Cristo Rey community serving as a “city on the hill” for Seattle, the Northwest, and the nation. Thanks so much for accompanying us on this exciting journey, which will transform the lives of so many young people, making Seattle a more just, equitable, and joyful city.

Paul J. Hogan

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Nadia Despenza Guy
CRJS Principal

Welcome! I am absolutely thrilled to step into the role of founding principal at this extraordinary school. Our mission is to not only guide 100% of our students towards college admission but also create the conditions for them to successfully graduate and make a meaningful impact in their community.

At Cristo Rey Jesuit Seattle (CRJS), students will acquire the essential skills needed to self-reflect, set priorities, and make pivotal life decisions. The way our students navigate this personal growth journey is just as vital as their choice of college.

Our students will be immersed in rigorous academic programs, held to the highest of expectations, and actively engaged in our corporate work study program. Through a collaborative effort involving students, families, CRJS, and our esteemed corporate sponsors, we are committed to crafting a comprehensive educational experience that molds our students into well-rounded individuals fully prepared for college, a successful career, and life.

Cristo Rey Jesuit Seattle serves as a welcoming haven where students and families come together to form a tight-knit, supportive community. Together, we will wholeheartedly ensure that our students develop into the future leaders of Seattle and beyond. 

Nadia Despenza Guy