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Curriculum + Support

The Art of Learning How to Learn

Cristo Rey emphasizes not only subject matter but more importantly the process by which one “comes to know and understand.” Instead of passively receiving information and predefined explanations, students actively engage in learning what they want and need to know. Teachers guide students in the art of “learning how to learn” while acknowledging the socio-political context around race and language, recognizing their bias and privilege to disrupt the status quo.

24-25 Course Catalog

Ignatian Pedagogy

Ignatian education goes beyond academics; it's a teacher-student partnership fostering lifelong learning and inspiring students to create positive change by helping others. The ultimate aim is to shape individuals with intelligence, integrity, and empathy. 

Academic Support

Structured interventions and tutoring are provided for students who need extra help completing standards.

The CRJS Academic Support program focuses on helping students develop habits for success, including:

  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Effective study strategies + study skills

Students can participate in a variety of support services from traditional tutoring, where students work individually or in small groups with a tutor, to academic coaching, where students brainstorm and collaborate with academic mentors who help them problem-solve and develop specific goals.

Contact Dr. Nadia Despenza Guy, Principal