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Student Life


As a Jesuit college preparatory school, we support the development and flourishing of the cura personalis or whole person. To that end, we provide a variety of services to help students thrive socially, emotionally, and physically.

Magis Period

Magis period is a scheduled time during the school day for student choice. Students determine how to use this time within established guidelines. They can attend academic tutoring, enrichment opportunities, SEL support, and meetings for CWS or other services.

Campus Ministry

In addition to offering retreats, liturgies, and service/social justice opportunities, Campus Ministry will host various opportunities for students to grow in their faith and build relationships with one another.


In partnership with other schools, CRJS will offer a variety of athletic opportunities where students will learn valuable team skills and push themselves mentally and physically.  

School Uniform

Students will be required to dress in the full school uniform prior to entrance to the school building and upon exiting the school building at the close of the school day. There may also be job specific requirements based upon the job assigned. 

Meal Program

All CRJS students receive a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast and lunch service during the school day. There are not any additional fees for meal service.


Learn more about transportation to and from school here. Transportation is provided from the school to the student's work place through a shuttle bus. All students are eligible for a free ORCA pass.

Clubs and Activities

CRJS will offer a variety of clubs + activities outside of the classroom to help students develop their talents, express their individuality, and grow as leaders during their high school years. Participation in clubs and activities fosters leadership skills, collaboration, and community. All clubs + activities will be moderated by a CRJS faculty or staff member.

The first class of grade 9 students will help CRJS determine the clubs + activities offered during our first year. 

Consistent with the CRJS mission and vision, we will encourage students to form organizations with the following goals:

  • Explore an interest
  • Have fun
  • Build community
  • Address social issues
  • Serve the school and surrounding community