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CWS Board

The Corporate Work Study Board is responsible for ensuring all students have meaningful jobs and are securing student worker jobs to support 50% of the school's annual revenue.

CWS Board members connect CWS staff to their employer as well as personal and professional networks to create a pipeline of corporate partners who provide students the experience of working, mentorship and real jobs for real pay. The Board is also responsible for developing a pipeline of both future CWS Board members and corporate connections to future student jobs.

Julia Beabout

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Rafael del Castillo
Rainier Scholars

Executive Director

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Rebecca Frisino
St. Joseph School

Director of Marketing + Communications

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Angela Hession

SVP of Customer Trust
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Steven Hooper Jr.


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Riq Molina
Heritage Bank

SVP, Commercial Banking

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Matt O'Donnell
University of Washington

Professor and Dean Emeritus

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Jason Pankow
Alaska Airlines

Talent Acquisition Manager

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Luis Poggi

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