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CWS Partner Profile: JLL at Amazon GREF

CWS Partner Profile: JLL at Amazon GREF

JLL is one of our founding Corporate Work Study partners, eager to begin mentoring our students this fall. JLL is a commercial real estate firm that provides services for Amazon GREF. GREF relates to the portion of the Amazon portfolio JLL is contracted for.

JLL works as one of Amazon’s global partners to support real estate services across 50+ countries and 65 million square feet of corporate office, research and development, and laboratory spaces around the world. JLL employs over 2,500 team members who support Amazon GREF to deliver the best experience possible to people who use the amenities and workplaces at Amazon.

Andy John and Jazmine Hughes work at JLL and will help mentor, support, and supervise future CRJS student associates.  

Andy, Executive Director, currently leads one of JLL’s largest multi-service real estate contracts. He is passionate about the impact real estate plays in building a brighter future for our planet and our communities. Andy helps clients shape their real estate portfolios to a more sustainable, productive workplace, designed around the employee experience.  

Jazmine, Global Diversity Program Manager, is responsible for the development and implementation of global initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within different accounts. Her goal is to create an inclusive and supportive work environment where people from all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and have equal opportunities for growth and success. Jazmine feels it is critical to create partnerships with people and organizations that aim to share resources and opportunities that encourage further growth withing commercial real estate. 

CRJS student associates will be exposed to areas of business and real estate that will broaden their horizons.

Students will work with a variety of teams and across different fields with people around the world to solve real-life challenges the real estate industry is facing, especially post-pandemic. It’s a dynamic and exciting time for the industry and students will be a part of two organizations in JLL and Amazon, supporting climate initiatives and enhancing the experiences for customers who use Amazon facilities. Andy and Jazmine’s vision is to provide CWS students with transformative work experience that prepares them for success in college and their future careers. Commercial real estate is multi-faceted. The JLL at Amazon GREF experience will introduce students to real estate services and JLL culture. 

Andy and Jazmine are excited to join the CRJS CWS program for many reasons. Andy is passionate about creating a more diverse workplace. He believes companies like JLL need to bring different perspectives into the workplace to help raise the bar on real estate experiences. Andy is looking forward to the opportunity for JLL managers to learn from students who will soon be entering the workforce as future leaders. Jazmine represented JLL during two career fairs for Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Washington D.C. and looks forward to extending this same opportunity to CRJS. She believes partnering with Cristo Rey schools has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of students and the JLL at Amazon GREF associates. She looks forward to offering students access to resources, mentorship, and exposure to career opportunities in commercial real estate that can help empower them for success. 

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